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"This Project started as an experiment, when I began to take portraits of subjects which were not real. 

I had this idea that I could use art has the subject of my portraits, the same way I would use a person.

LA’s architecture is a mix of everything from blend of 60-70s American building to early century European, to industrial warehouse, to very modern NY style skyscrapers. Every alley, or behind the building has a some sort of secret art, a graffiti, or a street art that is hidden from the public.  I call it “The Art of Shade” cause the Art is always in the shade of the public.

Street art is in between legality.  A grey line that is not well defined. Some pieces are for the public some other are not.

This art is considered impermanent. It may last of few months or weeks, or just days before someone will go over and erase it with some other art.

I wanted to capture all those art portraits in an original way. Capturing the instant of their existence, but not just with a simple photo. I wanted to enunciate the image with the help of a beauty accessory. Sunglasses.

Most of the walls are exposed to sun light. Placing the shades in front of them is almost like decorating them with a beauty treatment. I treat my art subjects the same way I would treat people, a celebrity or a model.

This portraits have no life, but I try to make them alive using my hand and a pair of shades hoping to insert a bit of tridimensionality in them."


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